KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 01 October 2021

KBC Season 13: Offline Quiz Answers Today 01 October 2021

KBC or Kaun Banega Crorepati is a popular TV game show. With Sony LIV mobile app, the viewers also can answer the questions asked to the participant and win exciting prizes including a chance be on the hot seat. The viewers can increase their points by playing 24x7 offline quiz available on the app. There are many blogs of websites who help the viewers by providing correct answers and viewers can attempt the quiz after visiting those posts. In this blog, we publish the answers to KBC Offline Quiz for QUIZ LOVERS who want to enrich their knowledge. This is purely an educational effort. For all KBC Offline Quizs of Season 13 Click Here.

KBC Offline Quiz 1st October 2021 Answers

KBC Offline Quiz October 1 (Friday), 2021. Play 24 x7 Offline Quiz and make more points. Here are the right answers:- 

1) Who propounded the opportunity cost theory of international trade?

A. Ricardo

B. Marshall

C. Heckscher & Ohlin

D. Gottfried Haberler

Correct Answer: D. Gottfried Haberler


2) Where is the origin of Odisha’s largest river the Mahanadi?

A. West Bengal

B. Chhattisgarh

C. Jharkhand

D. Odisha

Correct Answer: B. Chhattisgarh

3) The story of the film “Hello” has been adapted from which famous novel?

A. 3 Mistake of my life

B. Five Point Someone

C. One Night at the Call Center

D. Half Girlfriend

Correct Answer: C. One Night at the Call Center

4) Which country won the Davis Cup 2019 agains Canada?

A. Spain

B. France

C. Croatia

D. Serbia

Correct Answer: A. Spain

5) The Wheeler Island has been renamed as?

A. Vikram Sarabhai Island

B. Satish Dhawan Isaland

C. Abdul Kalam Island

D. C.V. Raman Island

Correct Answer: C. Abdul Kalam Island

6) What is the name of Twitter’s made-in-Indian alternative that was launched last year but rose to fame recently?

A. Mastodon

B. Tooter

C. Plurk

D. Koo

Correct Answer: D. Koo

7) What is the full form of MRI?

A. Metered Resonance Imaging

B. Magnetic Resonance Imaging

C. Magnetic Reaction Imaging

D. Meterd Reaction Imaging

Correct Answer: B. Magnetic Resonance Imaging

8) What is a group of emus called?

A. Flock

B. Herd

C. Mob

D. Swarm

Correct Answer: C. Mob

9) The famous poet Mirza Ghalib has written which of the following book?

A. Devdas

B. Urvashi

C. Malgudi Days

D. Diwan-E-Ghalib

Correct Answer: D. Diwan-E-Ghalib

10) Which of the following slogan is given by Swami Dayanand Saraswati?

A. Go Back to Vedas

B. Quit India

C. Door Die

D. Vande Mataram

Correct Answer: A. Go Back to Vedas

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