KBC Offline Quiz Answer 28 September 2021

KBC Season 13 Offline Quiz Answer 28 September 2021

KBC or Kaun Banega Crorepati is a popular TV game show. With Sony LIV mobile app, the viewers also can answer the questions asked to the participant and win exciting prizes including a chance be on the hot seat. The viewers can increase their points by playing 24x7 offline quiz available on the app. There are many blogs of websites who help the viewers by providing correct answers and viewers can attempt the quiz after visiting those posts. In this blog, we publish the answers to KBC Offline Quiz for QUIZ LOVERS who want to enrich their knowledge. This is purely an educational effort. For all KBC Offline Quizs of Season 13 Click Here.

KBC Offline Quiz 28 September 2021 Answers

KBC Offline Quiz September 28 (Tuesday), 2021. Play 24 x7 Offline Quiz and make more points. Here are the right answers:- 

1) Where is Jatayu Conservation Breeding Center (JCBC) Located?

A. Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh)

B. Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

C. Pinjore (Haryana)

D. Bikaner (Rajsthan)

Correct Answer: C] Pinjore (Haryana)

2) Which athlete has been appointed by the Reserve bank of India for a banking fraud awareness campaign?

A. Neeraj Chopra

B. Virat Kohli

C. P.V. Sindhu

D. P.R. Shreejesh

Correct Answer: A] Neeraj Chopra

3) Who is the lyricist of the evergreen song “Lag Ja Gale”?

A. Sahir Ludhianvi

B. Javed Akhtar

C. Gulzar

D. Raja Mehdi Ali Khan

Correct Answer: D] Raja Mehdi Ali Khan

4) Which of the following author wrote the book “One Life is Not Enough”?

A. Baba Amte

B. Jawahar Lal Nehru

C. K. Natwar Singh

D. Anna Hazare

Correct Answer: C] K. Natwar Singh

5) How many languages are printend on the reverse side of an Indian currency note?

A. 12

B. 13

C. 16

D. 15

Correct Answer: D] 15

6) Aishwarya Pissay exels in which one of the following sports?

A. Motorsports

B. Chess

C. Badminton

D. Tennis

Correct Answer: A] Motossports

7) Which bird is the universal symbol of peace?

A. Bluebird

B. Peacock

C. Dove

D. Kingfisher

Correct Answer: C] Dove

8) For how long did the Torko-Afgan rule last in India?

A. 2 centuries

B. 3 Centuries

C. 4 centuries

D. 5 Centuries

Correct Answer: B] 3 Centuries

9) Which Indian state is famous for boating activities on its backwaters?

A. Kerala

B. Karnataka

C. Jammu and Kashmir

D. Odisha

Correct Answer: A] Kerala

10) Which states has introduced “Night Safaris” in its national parks?

A. Odisha

B. Madhya Pradesh

C. Punjab

D. Maharashtra

Correct Answer: D] Madhya Pradesh

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