KBC Offline Quiz Answer Today 4 October 2021

KBC Season 13: KBC Offline Quiz Answer Today 4 October 2021

KBC or Kaun Banega Crorepati is a popular TV game show. With Sony LIV mobile app, the viewers also can answer the questions asked to the participant and win exciting prizes including a chance be on the hot seat. The viewers can increase their points by playing 24x7 offline quiz available on the app. There are many blogs of websites who help the viewers by providing correct answers and viewers can attempt the quiz after visiting those posts. In this blog, we publish the answers to KBC Offline Quiz for QUIZ LOVERS who want to enrich their knowledge. This is purely an educational effort. For all KBC Offline Quizs of Season 13 Click Here.

KBC Offline Quiz 4th October 2021 Answers

KBC Offline Quiz October 4 (Monday), 2021. Play 24 x7 Offline Quiz and make more points. Here are the right answers:- 

1) What is the capital of Spain?

A. Madrid

B. Barcelona

C. Valencia

D. Seville

Correct Answer – A. Madrid

2) The Rajya Sabha has passed a bill to regularize unauthorized colonies in which state/UT?

A. Maharashtra

B. New Delhi

C. West Bengal

D. Uttar Pradesh

Correct Answer – B. New Delhi

3) Which of the following state is surrounded by Bangladesh from three sides?

A. Nagaland

B. Assam

C. Tripura

D. Arunachal Pradesh

Current Answer – C. Tripura

4) The term “Gambit” is associated with which game?

A. Chess

B. Ludo

C. Monopoly

D. Carrom

Correct Answer – A. Chess

5) World War II started in which year?

A. 1945

B. 1949

C. 1939

D. 1936

Correct Answer – C. 1939

6) Which of the following book is written by Sadhana Amte?

A. Dak Ghar

B. Samidha

C. Urvashi

D. Dollar Bahu

Answer – B. Samidha

7) What is the total number of approved stock exchanges in India?

A. 16

B. 19

C. 22

D. 23

Correct Answer – D. 23


8) Which Google Payment app was launched on 18th September 2017?

A. Paytm

B. PhonePe

C. Tez

D. Google Pay

Correct Answer – C. Tez

9) What are newborn penguins known as?

A. Nestlings

B. Calf

C. Cub

D. Puppy

Correct Answer – A. Nestlings

10) Who narrates the action to Dhritarashtra in Battle of Kurukshetra?

A. Vidur

B. Sanjaya

C. Ganesh

D. Kunti

Correct Answer – B. Sanjaya

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