KBC offline Quiz Answer 18 November 2021

KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 18 November 2021

Kaun Banega Crorepati or KBC is a popular TV game show, hosted by Amitabh Bacchan. It is more interesting because the audience can take part in this hot show by playing KBC play along from their mobile. Beside regular questions during the show, mobile users can play 24*7 KBC offline game and increase their points.

In this post I'll share the answers of KBC offline quiz of 18th November. These are equally important for competitive exam. So, I've added some more information to the questions.

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KBC offline Quiz Answer by BengaliGK (18 November, 2021)

1) Which cell contains light-absorbing pigment in plant cell?

A] Protons

B] Nucleus

C] Chloroplast

D] Chromoplast

Correct Answer – C] Chloroplast

2) Where were the hymns of Rigveda composed?

A] Punjab

B] Gujarata

C] Rajasthan

D] Uttar Pradesh

Correct Answer –A]  Punjab

3) The Government od India has proposed to partner with which institute for creating a Centre of Excellence in Gaming?

A] NITI Aayog

B] IIT Bombay

C] Microsoft

D] Nvidia

Correct Answer – B] IIT Bombay

4) A group of island closely scattered in a body of water is known as?

A] Isthmus

B] Atoll

C] Archipelago

D] Island Ring

Correct Answer – C] Archipelago

5) Which of the following state is famous for Cuises?

A] Bihar

B] Goa

C] Kerala

D] Maharashtra

Correct Answer – B] Goa

6) The Sangai Festival is celebrated in which of the following Indian state?

A] Assam

B] Manipur

C] Mizoram

D] Nagaland

Correct Answer – B] Manipur

7) Where was the final of IPL 2009 played?

A] Johannesburg

B] Abu Dhabi

C] Mumbai

D] Bengaluru

Correct Answer – A] Johannesburg

8) Which of the following book is written by M.O. Mathai?

A] Gandhi and Stalin

B] History

C] Reminiscences of the Nehru Age

D] The Glass Palace

Correct Answer – C] Reminiscences of the Nehru Age

9) According to Hindi Mythology, who is the father of Kamsa?

A] Ugrasena

B] Kalpa

C] Shiksha

D] Chhanda

Correct Answer – A] Ugrasena

10) Soils host how much of the world’s biodiversity?

A] One-fourth

B] Full

C] Half

D] Quater

Correct Answer – D] Quater

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