KBC offline Quiz Answer 29 October 2021

KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 29 October 2021

Kaun Banega Crorepati or KBC is a popular TV game show, hosted by Amitabh Bacchan. It is more interesting because the audience can take part in this hot show by playing KBC play along from their mobile. Beside regular questions during the show, mobile users can play 24*7 KBC offline game and increase their points.

In this post I'll share the answers of KBC offline quiz of 29th October. These are equally important for competitive exam. So, I've added some more information to the questions.

KBC offline Quiz Answer by BengaliGK (29 October, 2021)

1) Where are Asiatic lions founds in the wild?

A] Western Ghats

B] Ranthambhore

C] Gir Forest

D] Kaziranga

Correct Answer – C] Gir Forest

2) Which of the following places is known as the “Mecca of India Football”?

A] Kolkata

B] Delhi

C] Mumbai

D] Himachal Pradesh

Correct Answer – A] Kolkata

3) In June which state agreed to form an Economic Advisory Council with Easther and Raghuram Rajan?

A] Kerala

B] Tamil Nadu

C] Andhra Pradesh

D] Telangana

Correct Answer – B] Tamil Nadu

4) Name the only lake in Scotland which is actually called a lake instead of loch?

A] Menteith

B] Morar

C] Sheil

D] Katrine

Correct Answer – A] Menteith

5) What is specialty of a sword-billed hummingbird?

A] Smallest bird in the world

B] Lives only in Antarctica

C] Bill is longer than its body

D] Can not fly

Correct Answer – C] Bill is longer than its body

6) All Mammals and birds are capable of generating the internal heat ans are classed as?

A] Red-Blooded

B] White-Blooded

C] Poikilotherms

D] Homoiotherms

Correct Answer – D] Homoiotherms


7) In which year India changed over to the decimal system of coinage?

A] 1957

B] 1958

C] 1968

D] 1970

Correct Answer – A] 1957

8) What’s the amount of iron present in each gram of Hemoglobin?

A] 4.47 mg

B] 3.57 mg

C] 3.43 mg

D] 3.47 mg

Correct Answer – D] 3.47 mg

9) Decan Educational Society founded which of the following college at pune in 1855?

A] Fergusson College

B] Deccan College

C] V.G. Vaze Kelkar College

D] Ruia College

Correct Answer – A] Fergusson College

10) Which of the following novel is written by Yann Martel?

A] Diplomacy

B] History

C] We the People

D] Life of Pi

Correct Answer – D] Life of Pi

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