KBC offline Quiz Answer 4 November 2021

KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today 4 November 2021

Kaun Banega Crorepati or KBC is a popular TV game show, hosted by Amitabh Bacchan. It is more interesting because the audience can take part in this hot show by playing KBC play along from their mobile. Beside regular questions during the show, mobile users can play 24*7 KBC offline game and increase their points.

In this post I'll share the answers of KBC offline quiz of 4th November. These are equally important for competitive exam. So, I've added some more information to the questions.

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KBC offline Quiz Answer by BengaliGK (4 November, 2021)

1) Which of the following book is written by Mitra Phukhan?

A] Life of Pi
B] The Collector’s Wife
C] My Master
D] History
Correct Answer – B] The Collector’s Wife
2) Which of the followings is the best source of Iodine?

A] Algae
B] Radish
C] Beans
D] Wheat
Correct Answer – C] Beans

3) Life scientists who study animals observing then in the laboratory and in their natural habitat are known as?

A] Veterinarian
B] Ecologists
C] Environmentalists
D] Zoologists
Correct Answer – D] Zoologists

4) Which is the largest public sector bank in India?

Correct Answer – B] SBI

5) Among the following, CZA stands for?

A] Central Zoological Agency
B] Common Zoo Agency
C] Central Zoo Authority
D] Common Zoo Authority
Correct Answer – C] Central Zoo Authority

6) Which Bollywood celebrity has been appointed as the first ever brand ambassador of IDFC FIRST Bank?

A] Ranveer Singh
B] Amitabh Bachchan
C] Shah Rukh Khan
D] Salman Khan
Correct Answer – B] Amitabh Bachchan

7) Gatte Ki Sabzi is a part of which Indian cuisine?

A] Rajasthani
B] Mughlai
C] Punjabi
D] Maharashtra
Correct Answer – A] Rajasthani

8) How many total Pandavs had taken part in the Battle of Kurukshetra?

A] 3
B] 4
C] 5
D] 6
Correct Answer – C] 5

9) India won which medal in 8th Asia cup women hockey tournament 2013?

A] Bronze Medal
B] Gold Medal
C] Silver Medal
D] None of the above
Correct Answer – A] Bronze Medal

10) “Garuda” is the vahana of which of the following Hindu Deity?

A] Goddess Laxmi
B] Lord Vishnu
C] Lord mahesh
D] Lord Shankar
Correct Answer –B] Lord Vishnu

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